Join us, you can...

Live in a
Desirable life

You are able to earn over 3000$ /month. High accommodation allowance, air ticket subsidy, paid leave, statutory holidays and social insurance etc. are also your benefits.

Enjoy Wonderful
Chinese Culture and Diet

You can avoid travel peak as you take days off during working days because of the nature of your work. Colorful Chinese culture events and eight cuisines are waiting for you.

Enrich Your
Teaching Experience

Your teaching skills can be facilitated as the teaching materials we offer are world-renowned and students' situation may differ from your country. Additionally, Mosobo also provides training and support to you.

Earn Satisfactory
Referral Fees

For each qualified foreign teacher recommended, you will get 600$ referral fee after they get Teaching Visa successfully and work for over one month. The more teachers take the post, the higher referral fees you will get.

DynEd is one of the world's leading multimedia English learning software. The course achieves interactive learning through a large number of oral communication practices and high-tech means. Mosobo adopts this courseware to improve students' overall English abilities.

BIG FUN is an advanced project-based curriculum designed by Pearson for kindergartens in the 21st century, with full of fantastic ideas and pleasure in life. Therefore, we introduce Big Fun English textbooks to children aged 3-6.

You may have questions,
here are the answers.

About Mosobo

Mosobo provides English education for children aged 3-18. We use award-winning DynEd courseware and Big Fun from Pearson Group to teach. Our mission is to provide high-quality teaching service to different communities in order to help children break down the communication barriers in the modern multicultural society.

Get Started

I am non-English native speaker, can I apply for this job?

Work permit policy for foreigners coming to China may change, subject to the government notification.

I am an English native speaker,
but I do not major in English-related subjects, can I apply?

If you obtain Tefl, Tesol or other equivalence, or a reference letter showing 2-year English teaching experience, you can apply.

I don't have teaching visa now, what should I do?

Please send your CV, 3-5minutes' self-introduction video, the first page of passport, bachelors degree, proof of non-criminal record, TEEL or TEFL etc. to our recruiter We will check if you are eligible for teaching visa. If yes, we will help you apply for it.

Will I receive a contract before leaving the country?

If you pass the interview and are eligible for teaching visa, you will receive a contract after the interview.

Would my airfare be reimbursed?

You will get air subsidy in the form of completion bonus once you complete one-year contract in Mosobo.

Can I choose to work at the same centre with my friend?

We'll decide on the center you'll be working at according to actual work needs.

Is this an after- school activity centre?
What would a timetable look like?

Yes, this is. Monday and Tuesday are days off. From Wed to Fri, the working time is 2pm – 8:30pm. On Saturday and Sunday, we work from 9am to 8:30pm.

How long is the contract?

The contract is signed and renewed on a yearly basis.

Become a teacher

What is the application process like?

At the first-round interview, we check your CV and self-introduction video to see if you are qualified for the position. The first page of your passport, bachelors degree, proof of non-criminal record, TESOL or TEFL etc. are also required to make sure if you are eligible for teaching visa.
If you pass the initial interview, we will send you an email to invite you to have a face-to-face interview with our educational supervisor. Then you will get an offer if you succeed.

How long is the Induction period?

We have 1-2 days for teachers' training sessions. No probation.

Is there a Director of Studies? What form of support is provided?

Yes, there is. As for teaching support, we provide teachers with teaching materials, weekly and daily teaching plans. However, teachers also need to prepare the class in advance, including gathering necessary materials or resources, making sight word flash cards or finding relevant realia etc.
In the class for kids aged 3-5, local teachers will support foreign teachers to manage the classroom order, give feedback and homework to students. Additionally, we have teaching department in back office, which is responsible for dealing with foreign teachers' daily affairs.

What form of
Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is provided, if any?

Teachers can renegotiate the working conditions when renewing the contract.

How many statutory holidays can I take?

You can take New Year's Day, Spring Festival, Labor Day, National Day and Christmas. In addition, you will be granted five paid days as annual leave, which includes a one-day paid holiday for Christmas.


When and How will teachers be paid?

You will be paid on 15th of next month and by debit cards of four major state-owned banks (ICBC, BOC, CCB, and ABC) in China. The teachers are responsible for the payment of local taxes in China.

Is the salary agreed gross or net?

The salary written in the contract is net.

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